Sunday, June 04, 2006

Plea to Those Writing About New Age

Can we all decide to change the name "New Age"? It's been around for what, 20 or 30 years now--that's at least 270 in dog years. In comparison to the age of the universe, I guess it is "new", but the average reader is a bit sick and tired of "New" Age. Even "Well, we're getting there" Age is probably more accurate, but a pain in the petutie to type.

Now, what falls under the heading "New Age" is all the leftover bits and pieces from every other religion or Fox-TV series...since dirt, really. It's in no way an organized religion. It's not even an organized strong hunch. Not all New Agers belive in Shirley McClaine, channeling and/or aliens trying to communicate through crop circles. Then again, not all New Agers like to be called New Age. I've been called everything under the sun, but I'm bored with the New Age label. If you're gonna label me, can I be the one to write the label?

Here are some new label suggestions:

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