Saturday, June 03, 2006

For Friends Not There

And now, Gentle Readers, let us pause to light a candle and remember the somber passing of your friend and mine....

Star Trek.

Yes, it was on June 3rd, 1969 that the final episode of the classic Star Trek series, "Turnabout Intruder" aired. My brother's birthday is June 2. He was four or five years old in 1969. Coincidence?!?!?

All kidding aside, Star Trek remains one of the best teachers I've ever come across. It was, and still is, one of the few works of art that actually has hope for the human race. I learned far more about life, the universe and everything (sorry Douglas Adams, wherever you are)than I ever did at church.

Take the time I was followed in the woods by a flasher. I didn't want him following me home. Makes trying to put the kettle on quite awkward. He was almost half my age, and possibly much stronger than me. There was no one around to hear me scream if I had to do so. Did I turn the other cheek? Think posisitve thoughts? Call on my guardian angel? No, I said:

You may find that having a thing is not so pleasing as wanting it

His face fell, as did everything else, and he apologised to me, then left.

I walked home wondering how something so good popped out of my mouth. Then it hit me...

I'd been saved by Mr. Spock! It's more or less from the episode "Amok Time"(you know--the one where Spock goes into heat?)

...which was given to me when it came out on video as a present from my brother of the June 2 b-day. Coincidence?

More on the spiritual signifigance of Star Trek in future blog episodes...

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