Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Will Work For Money

As of this morning, I am no longer employed in the retail industry. Now, there's got to be some job out there in the Philly area that uses my best skills:

*Owning the world's most useless college degrees (liberal Arts & English)

*Tea drinking

*Book reading

*Can smile pleasantly

*Can say "Uh-huh," convincingly.

And as soon as I find this job, I'll be sure to not let anyone know.


M.R.Sherwood said...

Hey, you! You should fight for a job at Borders Books! or another book store. It think you've listed the best qualifications for it. You could even be a tea peddler in the cafe!

rraven said...

Well, there's jobs I'd like to do and jobs that would pay the bills. Bookstore work unfortunately falls in the former category. Thanks for commenting, tho, bro!