Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Why I Don't Go To A Church

It's not that I haven't found the right church yet. It's that I firmly believe churches are irrelevant for worshipping God/dess.

In a church, coven, ashram or whatever, there's other people there worshipping, too. That's the big stumbling block. Other people can and will get in your way of trying to contemplate God. They might not mean to (HA!) but they eventually will. You get sensitive to their disapproval. You start worrying "What if they hear me fart?" And if there's a hint of disapproval about THAT, imagine how they'll disapprove of your spiritual opinions, for they (and only they) know How God Wants Believers To Smell.

There's always a pecking order in any groups of humans. We can't help it. We have to put things in a ranking order or our heads will explode.

People, buildings, rituals--they all get in the way of trying to get to know God/dess. By not worshipping with any other person, I get at least a glimpse of God, and then I can face people again. I can tolerate them better, because I can recognise that weird spark inside each one as a feather of God.

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