Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Truth Is Here & It Ain't That Impressive

Did Jesus exist and was He God? Apparantly, yes to both. How can I type that? Read on--

About 700 AD, in the Church of St. Legontian in Lanciano, Italy, a monk performed mass. That's not so impressive in and of itself, but something happened as the monk was blessing the bread and the wine for communion. You remember Catholic communion. There's that funky word "transubstantiation" where the bread and wine are supposed to really become the body and blood of Jesus (based on The Last Supper). There was quite a big argument about transubstantiation in 700 AD, let me tell ya. So, anyway, in this case the bread actually did turn into a slice of human heart and the wine into type AB blood. They never rotted and can be seen to this day. Type AB blood, by the way, is very rare in Italy but in 14-15% of the population of Palestine.

OK, let's take it for red that this isn't a hoax that's lasted for 1200 years and really honestly happened. So what does this tell us about God? That He's got a screwy sense of priorities. Choice of any miracle and He picks this. Forget about world peace, raining chocolate from the sky or any trivialities like that. No, no. For proof of His existence, He turns useful food into raw offal that you can't get rid of. Not only gross, but impalatable.

And, after 1200 years of this proof, has it really changed the price of beans any? Nope.

So I belive God exists. And He's apparantly a Stephen King fan. Either than that, I can't say I'm too impressed.

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