Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Take Off That Cross

Walking through the parking lot
of the church my family went to without reason
I overheard this between a pastor and a believer
and it made me slow a step-
"There is a Jesus figure on that crucifix
around your neck."
"Why, yes. Is there anything wrong?"
"Wrong? That's a symbol for Catholics. What's worse..."
(Here he quoted chapter and verse)
"So all along that crucifix
there must be nothing but the crucifix."
"But this is an heirloom.
It's the only crucifix I have."
"No Born-Again Christian would walk around
with a crucifix like that."

I remember that theological exchange
held just outside my vocal range.
I'm not a Christian now- but I can't deny
that someone named Jesus really did die.
And as he, hated and dying, nailed to that tree
I doubt he was caring a fig about jewelry.

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