Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Canonization Fodder

I've been reading biographies of Saints. I highly recommend them. But there's only so many Saints, and I love reading about them. So I need more Saints to read about. My inevitable suggestions--

*Mother Teresa:Duh

*My Mother: She still loves me even though I ignored her advice for 30 years.
That's a miracle!

*Your Mother:Ditto.

*Sting: now that would be really cool considering he's not even Christian, let alone Catholic. What is this monopoly Catholics have on sainthood? Open up those doors, I say! Isn't Jesus supposed to love everyone? Why not have a Feast Day for St. Sting, patron saint of Those Who Can't Shake a Nickname?

*Gomarchingin:Patron Saint of bloggers who can't resist a cheap joke.

*Greyfriar's Bobby: Peter & Paul have squat in the faithfulness department compared to this Skye Terrier, who stayed faithfully by his master all of his life, including his last 14 years at his master's grave. Christians wait hopefully for the return of their Master, so what better teacher than this little dog?

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