Friday, January 05, 2007


Just a coupla notes on updates of topics touched on in 2006:
  • JoPa, the Football Coach of Steel, returned to coach the Nittany Lions of Penn State to victory in the Outback Bowl New Year's Day. For those readers who nothing about American College Football (like me), going to a bowl game is A Really Big Deal. He's mending well. Next year, he's planning on singlehandedly eating the world's nuclear arsenal.

  • The Seminole Tribe, who recently purchased the Hard Rock Cafe chain, are getting sued. Wasn't losing their land and rights bad wnough--now they can't buy a stupid overpriced burger joint without Whitey trying to smack them?

  • Barney the Doberman has been retired from guard duty to a farm "where he can chase chickens". Hopefully, the chickens will not end up like the bears at Wookey Hole Teddy Bear museum. However, I'm happy to see that Barney has escaped being sued.

  • The score so far: From all the stories, articles and poems sent out for publishing, I have 15 rejections, 1 maybe and 34 sitting on someone's desk somewhere.
    Here's a bit of advice from my guru (yeah, right) Stephen King (You were wondering where the YouTube link would come in, weren't you?)
  • I also found this cute photo of PG's head superimposed on a CHippendale's body from the 1992 Steam video. That's definately one of my personal highlights from 2006

Here's hoping we all get published and paid for it in 2007!

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