Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Birds and Maybes

I'm bumpin'! (Not quite buzzin' and not quite bumping--hense bumpin'). I've finally gotten feedback from an editor instead of just the ususal rejection form letters! They want me to rewrite and resubmit the three poems I sent to The Writer's E-zine/T-zero. That they took the time to reply makes me feel there's hope yet

I just hope I don't screw up the rewrites! Just my luck, eh, if I get "Hmmm--this was better the first time around. What the heck did you do to it? Drive over it with a lawnmower?"

I've also got a maybe from Equine Lifesytle. And, of course, there's still that "maybe" from GrendelSong. All of my fingers are crossed. I'm typing telekinetically here...or is it the other way around?

If and when I get published and get paid for it, it will either be proof my personal Raven God exists and gives a crap about me, or the sign of Ragnarok (and you thought it had been cancelled).

If none of these pans out, perhaps I can blame this on Peter Gabriel. Why not? Honestly, this is a guy who was 25 years between KIDS, so any retaliation from him (now there's a happy mental image) won't come until I'm pushing up daisies (which is going to be really something to see, because I've left instructions for me to be cremated).

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