Thursday, November 16, 2006

I'll Be 37. What the Hell Happened?

On Saturday, I'll be 37. Yikes! How did that happen? Seems like only yesterday I was 12. If I was a horse, I'd most likey be dead. If I was Jesus, I'd DEFINATELY be dead.

I am, of course, reminded about the Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, who's been the coach since before I my older brother was concived (EEEWWW!)and is still driving everyone nuts at age 500, or whatever it really is. In September, he was knocked down by a player at practice, snapped three ribs, but told nobody about it. No one would EVER have known if not for this injury. It's kinda hard not to reminded of JoPa, as he's known, when you live in the Philly area. JoPa even has a STATUE at Penn State even though he's still hard at work. American football is definatley a religion over here, so perhaps praying to Joe can help give me strength....or perhaps I should just shut up and get back to collecting rejection slips. My Dad has hinted he'd get me a couple of the Peter Gabriel (pictured) CDs that went up in the August 2005 fire. So maybe I'll just dwell on that.

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Majic said...

Just enjoy your thirties. Turning 40 hit me like a sledgehammer. It suddenly seemed like my life was half over, and I had only just decided what I wanted to do when I grew up,so there was no time left to do it.
Anyhow, I just looked at my eldest sister, still a hippy at 52, and thought, 'Age means nothing, just ignore it, and carry on being yourself' Denial is a wonderful thing - go JoPa go.