Friday, January 26, 2007

That's One

All hail T-Zero! they are officially the first publication to give me money for the privelege of printing my stuff. They've accepted one poem. I'd thought I'd be dancing around the house with joy, but I'm EXHAUSTED. By the way, I can't print the poem here because that would screw the deal up, so you just have to wait. The funny thing is that I wrote the poem when Pony had to spend the weekend at the Emergency Vet's. So perhaps she'd trying to help earn her keep. This poem might bring in enough for one can of dog food. (That's more than I usually get!)

I've known for a while that I am a writer, but it would be nice to actually get PAID for it. It takes a lot of false starts to find out where you're going It would've been nice to win the $250 million Powerball Wednesday night, but this is a good consolation prize from God.

Now to try and convince other editors to publish my stuff...

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