Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Five Random Peter Gabriel Pictures from My Collection

And the PG worship continues.

Currently, I'm hard at work on various projects, but am taking a break to post a couple of gems from my PG photo collection because a couple of folks over at the PG Forums wanted to see them. Blogger was the most convenient place for me to do so.

Anyway, the dork in the flowery jacket talking to PG is me. Gee, no wonder he didn't fall for me, huh?


St├ęphane Tavera said...

your photo "PG_and_Me_1996.JPG" gave me the idea to explore Real world studio thanks to google street view.
Funny to recognize the small passage under the train railway.
But where is the second '30' sign gone ;-) ?

rraven said...

Well, I didn't take it. Glad you liked the photo. I'm trying to remember the name of the photographer.