Thursday, March 25, 2010

PG New Blood Tour Live from Berlin

It was like really good sex, only less messy. I#m so happy I could fly.

PG seemed intensley worried all throughout the set list, but did laugh on several occassions. Ben Foster, the conductor, teased PG mercilessly at times in the good English tradition. I#ve never seen a PG concert where PG had to drink a bottle of cough syrup before.

I found out that there was a bad technical glitch at Paris 22 march. All the mikes and sound wnet out. PG calmed the crowd by shouting the lyrics to Father, Son at the top of his lungs to placate the restless crowd.

So, he went on with the show even though he had a sore throat. But if he can sing like that with a sore throat, he is one lucky bastard.

PG also had problms with his earpiece. It popped out of his ear a couple of times. Twice during the show he yanked it out.

I´d type more, but I clapped so hard that I have big blue bruises and a blister on my right hand. Never let it be said that a PG concert isn't dangerous!

Coming to you live from Berlin Intercafe 2004 on Gleimstra├če. Vielen dank!

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