Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Peter Gabriel Picture Collection

I know I'll never have a shot with PG (becuase there's no God, remember?) but I'm certainly having a fine old time with my PG picture collection. I do have two small photo albums with newspaper clippings, postcards and actual photos on actual film of PG, but they now pale in signifigance to my digital collection.

I really hope I do nothing that warrants police breaking open my hard drive, or I'll have a heck of a time explaining why there are um...let's see...oh...350 images of Peter Gabriel on my computer. I added another 25 or so tonight because Eva (hi, Eva!) put a huge chunk of her collection up on Genesis Community on Ning. That's where the ones at the left come from. Just my luck, I'll not allowed be into Germany because somehow the Border Patrol found out I have a thing for looking at Peter Gabriel.

I just like looking at PG pictures every now and then over the last 23 and a half years. And occassionally fiddling with them on Paint. That's all. Swear to God.

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