Saturday, March 27, 2010

First Impressions: Peter Gabriel at O2 Berlin 3/24/10

I'm getting a review of the show (and soundcheck) for a client, but some fans may like to see some of my notes. These are interpeted from frantically scribbled notes on the back of my WOMADshop reciept when my hands stopped shaking.

* First PG concert I've ever been to where he needed to bring a bottle of cough syrup onstage. But if I hadnlt seen the bottle, I would never have known his throat was sore.
* PG wore a loose back ensemble embroidered with barely detectable paisley designs.
* PG had problems with his earpiece, which suddenly popped out of his left ear at least one time. Twice he yanked the earpiece out himself.
* Did lewd hand gesture to me during "Darkness" (probably not to me specifically, but there were only about four women in the front row.) Still. I'm overjoyed!
* Minor feedback problems, but none were distracting.
* The light show and animation was lost on me, since I sat in the front row. But the audience reaction indicated it was a big hit.

The person sitting behind me filmed "Book of Love." That's my big fat head in the way (blush.) If you ever happen to be at a PG concert and see me, just ask me to scrunch down so I don't block the shot.

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