Sunday, October 15, 2006

Personal God Election Results

Alright, the Election Day parody of me to elect the God I'm going to devote myself to didn't pan out (pun intended.)Quite frankly, I doubt anything I could write would be funnier than the campaigns of current Pennslyvannia politicians.

Anyway, only one of the canidates bothered to make any sort of campaign ad for me..sort of. About a week ago, I had a dream of Peter Gabriel being my chauffer (kinda a Baby, You Can Drive My Car kinda thing). Well, in the dream he botched that up. This from a man who took 10 years between albums and 25 years between kids. If I pray to him today, I guess I'll get a reply by the time I'm 64.

So, the winner and ChamPEEN of my worshipful devotions is (drumroll please)


Since He's a Trickster and a shapeshifter, he can look like whatever Peter Gabriel whenever He wants to. There is actually a serious reason why I'm now a Ravenist, but it's not nearly as entertaining as what I've already written, and this post has gone on long enough.

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grackyfrogg said...

hi rraven. just thought i'd say thanks for dropping by and commenting on some of my posts over at the frogg files! glad they made you smile. :)