Sunday, October 22, 2006

100th Post--Raven Bless Peter Gabriel!

Some good news from me for a change. Peter Gabriel (pictured), canidate to be my Personal God (but lost to Raven)has announced on Friday that he will not be doing the Genesis reunion thingy with the band he helped co-found around the time I was born. (You know Genesis--they unleashed Phil Collins on the world, as well as PG?)I'm broke, and so can not afford any concert tickets.

Now when I was 16--heck, even when I was 26--money was no object in seeing PG on tour (considering he only does it once or twice a decade). I'd beg, borrow, steal until I could press those concert tickets to my heaving bosom (wow--are you ever glad you decided to read this blog today!)until I was signing a funny-smelling contract from Mr. Scratch. I would think, "I could use the grocery money for the tickets! The anticipation of seeing HIM with my own eyes will sustain me!"

Now I'm 36, and have slightly different priorities. My dog comes first, then my Mom, then my writing, then my spirituality, then my sleep, then PG. On the one hand, I feel a twinge of nostaligic sadness that I don't quite possess the devotion I used to, but at least I know now that PG won't take it personally....

...uh, at least, I think so....

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