Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sorry--Not Feeling Funny This Week

Well, I feel funny 'peculiar', not funny 'ha-ha'. (I couldn't even be bothered to write an original opening line--I think I plagerized that from a WKRP In Cincinatti episode). I lived in Lancaster County for nearly ten years and by now you might have heard that the peaceful Amish community had a freak accident. Unfortunately, they ran into a freak. Now, at the time of this writing, there's five (soon to be six) humans dead and one dead freak. Amazingly, the Amish have already forgiven the freak and have invited the freak's family to the funerals of their little girls.

I met a lot of Amish in my time in Lancaster, but we were not on a name-exchange basis. I am not personally related to the victims, and yet I want revenge. Yes, the freak has shot himself--or indulged in police-assisted suicide--but I'm sure there's something else we can do to him. Shoot the body? Do a seance and flip him the bird? Make a pact with Satan to fry his freaky ass extra extra crispy? It takes a hell of a lot of energy to plan revenge...even if it's only fantasy revenge.

I envied the Amish in my time in Lancaster--mostly because they had incredibly fit horses. But now I envy them even more, as despite this violation of their sanctuary, they still are able to bring their harvest home.

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