Monday, October 09, 2006

Another Poem

The man gets up and walks out into the sun
ramifications and complications threaten him all at once.
He was to go here, he wound up going there
and aches never to have learned to compare.

He was so sure when he was born
what would make him cold and what would make him warm.
But somewhere along the way he discovered among the fray
that he forgot more than his mind could pack away.

"I was to do something--but what, I do not know
What with learning and earning and rushing to and fro.
I gathered to me more than this one path
So perhaps I was to forget it and go take a bath."

--October 4 &; 9, 2006


Majic said...

I'm always looking for new recipes - think I might do The Bittersweet Broth of Oblivion' for dinner tonight!Sounds very nutritious hee hee! Think I must have already drunk the 'Five Flavoured Tea of Forgetfulness' many times before. And I thought it was just my age...

rraven said...

I am trying to remember what you're commenting about, but I've just had a cuppa...:-)