Friday, October 13, 2006

Earth's Main God/dess

Spirituality would be a lot less complicated if there was only one person on Earth at a time. That would save a lot of time arguing.

What is the real God/dess of Earth? Or of Western Civilization, anyway, since it seems to be the Power of the Moment. It sure ain't God. Or Goddess, either. The Diety is Enough. ("As long as I have Enough, I'll be happy.")("Omigod--there's not ENOUGH! Hit the Panic Button!!!") Logic is another Diety on the panthenon...whoops...hold on, that's for the planet "Vulcan, not Earth.

The reason we're so screwed up is that we're the only animal that needs God. That's the only difference from us and the monkeys, my friends. We always need a justification for what we do--see it as part of a Grand Design.

Animals have it figured out. Life is to live it--that's it, folks. Walt Whitman put it best:
I think I could turn and live with animals
the are so placid and self contained
I stand and look at them long and long.

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Majic said...

Ah, but how do we know what animals are thinking? My cat spends hours in devout contemplation ;)
BTW, I've redecorated - come and tell me what you think.