Sunday, July 02, 2006

Zen & The Art of Blogging

Sorry for the gap in posting. I've been hammered by migraines (joy). I've got more than one computer screen in my feild of vision at the moment, and I know for a fact we have only one computer.


One of the other subjects I've been reading about is Zen Buddhism. I've been reading about it and dabbling with it since my Delaware County Community College days--and, damn, that place'll do it to you. (Note, no link--their website is horrible). But, of course, Zen is not for dabbling--it just is. I find a great comfort in that. The way of wisdom or a reason to smile in the face of adversity (at least) is within us all the time, not doled out if we kiss the right Ass. The current book in my hot little hands is A Western Approach to Zen by Christmas Humphreys.

Learning about other people's spiritualities and/or religions is my responsibility, or so the voices in my head keep telling me. I use the Zen principle, though, in actually absorbing them in my life. I try not to think about it, just move from one spirituality to another as the situation demands. What works for me sticks in my subconscious, and what doesn't get used as metaphorical dartboards.

My only problem with all this is:

What the hell kind of parents name their kid Christmas? Jimminey Crickets! No wonder he became Buddhist!

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