Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Unhinged Henge

Like any proper Pagan heart, mine beats stronger at the thought of Stonehenge. Quite impressive. Quite unfathomable. Quite heavy, man. I lived in southern England for over five years and never got the chance to visit Stonehenge. And yet I miss Stonehenge, even though I never actually physically BEEN there. It was just nice knowing it was nearby. I lived for years on the banks of the Avon river, which has her beginnings in Salisbury Plain. The military aircraft that would scream overhead at all hours were from Salisbury, which is near Stonehenge. SO why didn't I go to Stonehenge?

I thought of Stonehenge quite a bit today beacuse I went to the Grand Slam Job Fair held at Philly's ballpark. The highlight was having the Philly Phanatic kiss my hand. He didn't want my resume, though. While wading through the fair, (and in Philly's humidity WADING is how it feels)I thought of what Stonehenge may have been used for:

a Celtic job fair. Druids, Sacrificial victim union, stonemasons, brewers--they all needed employees, didn't they? As well as someone to sweep up afterwards. And someone to sell overpriced cider. And someone recruiting for the Avebury branch.

Sounds reasonable to me.

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