Friday, July 14, 2006

Fill In The Blank Poem

...sort of a touchy-feely version of Mad Libs. We had to do this in Stress Management class (don't ask). As managing stress is a reason why people need spirituality, I thought I'd share my twisted little creation. All words in italics are what they supplied and everything in regular type were the blanks I filled in. If you'd like, fill in the blanks yourselves and share the poem to the world...or, maybe, just the classmates in whatever Stress Management class you wind up in. Enjoy!

I am you and me.
I wonder what the point is & where the bathroom is.
I hear horses.
I see magic.
I want to win the Publishers Clearinghouse.
I am you and me.

I pretend I can write poetry.
I feel I can fly.
I touch streams of consciousness.
I worry that the ex will find me.
I cry when my dog cries.
I am you and me.

I understand nothing.
I say "Thank God/dess!"
I dream of Genie.
I try to keep silent and be thought of as a fool than to open my mouth and remove all doubts

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