Friday, November 24, 2006

What Happened to God?

Not the God that everyone takes His/Her name in vain, but the God who wrote the great blog God's Blog. God has been mysteriously silent for almost a year. What's up?

Judging from the spelling and general quality of writing, I'm guessing "God" lives in the UK. I'm not offended by the sudden cessation of the blog, I just wished there was at least a goodbye. Perhaps things were just too much and He needed some down time. Or perhaps He's been abducted by aliens. Or perhaps God is the same guy who does this blog. Hopefully, the author is still on Earth and has Internet access. If not, I hope God gets well soon.


Majic said...

What a great blog that was.I've been wondering where 'He' is.
Maybe He just didn't think the whole 'let's do prayers by email' thing through, and is still wading His way through His inbox!
(a la 'Bruce Almighty - did you see that film?)

rraven said...

Nope. Didn't see the film. That's about 345th on the "supposed to see" list :-)

Someday, maybe this mystery will be solved.