Thursday, November 02, 2006

Laurie Cabot's Back on the Caffeine

For those Wicca-challenged, Laurie Cabot is one of America's most respected Witches (and yes, she is the Official Witch of Salem). She writes a few books, reads a few palms, has a website, generally your basic Witch. Once, she was into civil rights for Witches, spurred on by "The Witches of Eastwick", which she couldn't stand because it made Witches look "silly". Then:
After that burst of activism, she returned to her main passion -- her witchcraft and her shop. "I handed over the work, the letter writing, to another group, but all these years they have done nothing, so we are starting over this month."

"I'd like to canvass the whole of the United States, city by city, and give every official this law memorandum," she said, producing a white four-page pamphlet on the constitutional rights of witches.

OUCH! The "other group" she is referring to is the Witch's League for Public Awareness, a group she founded in 1986. This is a pretty good group, in my opinion. They run a nice website, give out free info when asked and don't stick burning pentagrams on anyone's lawn...even if they REALLY deserve it. To say they've done "nothing" is a little...spiteful, quite frankly. I know we don't have a Witch in the White House, but would a Witch be DUMB enough to want to run for President (or First Lady?) I think not.

I do call myself a Witch (I think Wiccan is a wimpy word), but I'm not into the bells, books and candles as I was seven years ago. I can sense that Witches may be getting a bit uppit about how they are percieved by others...which is preceisely the oppposite reason I became a Witch. I wanted to NOT gove a damn about what anyone thought of me...except ME. The day Wicca becomes an organized religion is the day I start hiding my pentacle under the mattress. Witches have a great sense of humor, and I'm afraid High Preistess Cabot makes us look like stiffs.

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