Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Chaos Never Dies Day

If you're anything like me, you dread this time of year. The only good international holiday--Halloween--has come and gone, but those damn others are in the way before Beltane (May Day) the OTHER great international holiday. There is a desperate need for decent holidays. I discovered on several sights the "unofficial" holiday on Nov 9 of Chaos Never Dies Day. (Usually, that's known as Christmas Eve, but there's no cruel and unusual shopping involved). Choas, is of course, (besides the baddies in Get Smart)the original state of the Universe from which all things come--it just didn't have any of those boring laws of time, space or comphrehension. I like to think of the universe before this one as being Tiamat, the essence of Chaos that seems to but is not really tamed.

I'm not sure how official Chaos Never Dies Day is, but I've got a feeling that's the point. So what can one do on Choas Never Dies Day? Glad you asked:
  • Check out your horroscope--Chaos style

  • Chant as much of you can of The Principia Discordia There's even a Swedish translation, to there's no excuse.

  • Send off a couple of manuscripts of short stories (always good for a laugh)

  • Turn on all the electrical appliances in your home so there can be a power outage(another guaranteed hoot)

  • Watch Get Smart

That's is from me. Get Chaos-ing.


M.R.Sherwood said...

Dunno if I need a holiday called this. I think "Chaos never dies" whenever I teach grade 2!

rraven said...


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