Saturday, August 24, 2013

Picking My Outfit for Peter Gabriel Concet in Leipzg

Man, this year is just flying by. October is just around the corner.  What's so special about October? I'll be going to Leipzig, Germany to see a Peter Gabriel concert.  I've gone to Leipzig before but wound up getting sick and spent most of the trip stuck in bed.  I'm hoping to actually see some of the city this time around.

But anyway, it's time for me to choose an outfit to wear for the soundcheck and concert. The big problem is that concerts tend to generate a lot of heat -- even if you aren't moving.  The October weather in Leipzig can be incredibly cold -- even more so if it's accompanied by rain.  I think I'll suffer the heat of the concert in order to feel comfortable the rest of my time there.

Which gets me to an important part of attending a PG soundcheck and concert -- what to wear.

Ideally, I'd like to show up looking like Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes, but my face differs drastically from Brett's.  I also have big ugly breasts that Brett never had, even at his heaviest.  Mine is much rounder and less flexible.  I also need to wear glasses in order to avoid walking into walls.  So, I'm just going to reproduce the outfit here as much as possible.  I'll also keep my hair short and slicked back.

I already have a long pale coat, white shirt and black trousers.  Other than those, I'm going to have big problems.  I think the watch on a chain is definitely out and I'll be damned if I'll figure out how to tie a tie before October.  The black waistcoat defiantly has possibilities.  I may wear a corset to tone down the profile of my hideous breasts.

So, as you can see, my free time is not spent in frivolity.

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