Monday, August 05, 2013

Peter Gabriel Scared, Pissed Off and Rich

Yes, I still post about Peter Gabriel.  He's been doing some promotion lately, including a semi-big interview with Mojo.  He revealed that he was pissed off with Joe Strummer who he worked with for Big Blue Ball.  So why was PG POed?  Gabriel pointed out that Strummer hid his upper-class background in order to appear more like the average person.  Gabriel himself, a graduate of the prestigious Charterhouse School, still gets branded as a "snotty rich kid."

Well, Peter did come from an upper middle-class background, which (to my considerable knowledge) he has never tried to hide.  He did go through pretty tight times when in Genesis (which only began making a profit after Gabriel left.)  PG is currently rich.  How rich?  He has his own studio and his own hotel in Sardinia.  I'm sure he can wipe his tears away with his money.

However, no matter your background or financial status, you can still make good art, like music.  The art itself should be judged for what it is and not the background of the artist.

PG also revealed that he occasionally develops a phobia of flying after nearly crashing in a Pan Am decades ago (although he didn't give a specific date.)  He says he still flies, though.  But you have to wonder if this is one reason why Peter takes such a long time between albums after 1986.


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