Sunday, September 23, 2012

Recovering from Peter Gabriel at the Wells Fargo Center

Yea, I even hath givest in to temptation and doubted, but I have verily regained my faith in Peter Gabriel.  Say hallelujah, somebody!

The soundcheck and concert on 9/21/2012 at Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center turned out to be a lot of fun and much more musically interesting than I expected.  There were about 100 people at the soundcheck, so no chance of meeting PG this time around. 

But bassist, blogger and photographer Tony Levin (PG's preferred bassist) did an extra-special something for fans.  He started this habit years ago, so it won't be news for long-time Tony Levin, Peter Gabriel or King Crimson fans.  Tony takes photos during the performance and often takes audience shots.  Personally, I think if you are in the same frame with Peter Gabriel un an untouched image, it counts as getting your picture taken with PG.

Tony put a whole page of his Philly concert experience up on his long-running blog. Papa Bear Records.  I'm in a few of the shots.  I was wearing my raven T-shirt (until Sledgehammer started, then the shirt was tossed off) because my nickname on the web since 1998 used to be "rraven" (yes -- with two "r"s) My favorite photo is one of PG standing at the mike and my face can be seen a little below his black-clad buttocks.  There's an epitaph.

More details after I recover.  And -- miracle of miracles! Praise Peter Gabriel! -- I picked up a couple of new clients and I've been too busy writing to go into a longer concert review now.  Rest assured, any readers having tickets to Peter Gabriel's Back to Front tour are in for a treat.  Be sure to bring at least $40 in spending money if you want drinks and a program, though.

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