Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blah Blog Post Blah

Can you tell that I'm having a little trouble coming up with a blog post title?  I've had a jump in writing orders for the last couple of weeks, so that has sapped my creative energies.  Well, that's my excuse.  No -- not really -- I've a whole freakin' list of excuses.  Just call me Not-My-Damn-Fault Woman.

I haven't been writing over here so much because:

  1. and the world's best bassist Tony Levin are doing better jobs than I am of posting the latest Peter Gabriel news (PG is currently in Quebec)
  2. I've started a new psych med called mirtazipine
  3. I'm eating more because of the mirtazapine -- and more -- and more -- and if I don't knock it off soon I'm going to wake up in a dark alley with nothing but a bag of refined granular sugar and a spoon.
  4. I found some work helping a Groupon partner over at Independent Publishing (Go get 'em, freelance writers!) Writer's Access also seems to be getting more clients recently.
  5. Still goofing around on Pinterest
  6. Revamped my sleep and dream blog, Dreaming of Peter.  I've now made a grand total of a nickel in Google Ads from it.  Hey -- when I dream, I dream big.
  7. Eating because of the mirtazipine
  8. Sleeping more 'cause of the mirtawhatsahooey
  9. Busy removing the spam from this blog (oy -- if I didn't have a consciousness, I'd probably be making a fortune writing for spammers.)
  10. Trying to avoid the upcoming Presidential election.
In less than two week, I'll be (hopefully) attending a Peter Gabriel soundcheck and concert (with Tony Levin) in Philadelphia. I'm assuming they'll let me through the door.  You don't get a paper ticket with these soundcheck packages.  According to the links in Excuse #1, not much has been finalized for what is actually going to happen on stage.  It's four days before the first gig.  Let's see if they can get it together by then. 

So, what am I doing to psych myself up for the concert?  Listening to David Bowie on YouTube, of course.  Here's a tune I can't get out of my head so I'll inflict you with it.  Until next time;

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