Monday, October 15, 2012

Nope -- Still Not Recovered Yet From Peter Gabriel Concert

Eventually, I will recover from the Peter Gabriel concert at Philly last month.  Either that or I'll get on better drugs. 

In the meantime, the Back to Front Tour has now ended and it seems a good time was had by all.  Actor John Cusak showed up at the Santa Barbara Bowl with a boom box to re-enact that bit from a hit movie back in the 1980s that no one remembers -- except for that bit with Cusak holding up a boom box as it plays In Your Eyes.

Peter is now on an around-the-world vacation for at least one year. Whether that actually pans out to one Earth calender year and not one Gabriellian year is anyone's guess.

To soften the blow, Real World and Guitar Center is holding a killer contest where the winner gets an all-expenses paid trip to tour the studios.  More details here.  And no -- you don't get to meet PG.  He's on vacation, remember?  You do get a great trip and a lot of cool merchandise.  I'm not entering because I don't know if I'm allowed back in the UK.

In the meantime, music lovers can check out Crackerize, where rap song lyrics are translated into middle-class WASP English.  Apparently you can win cool merchandise there, too.  Due to the nature of rap lyrics, the site is for folks over 18.

You can also check out some great (and some merely good) music videos over at Pinterest boards such as Music Videos or My Favorite Music Videos (put together by yours truly.)

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