Monday, September 17, 2012

Peter Gabriel's Back to Front Tour Kicks Off in Canada

Peter Gabriel's Back to Front tour to celebrate some year's anniversary of the release of So launched last night in Quebec.  There have been a lot of leaks and spoilers about the tour, but I'm not going to write any here.  One big change is that opening act Ane Brun was cancelled because of sudden illness.  She's apparently been replaced with a newly-hired PG backup female singer.  Personally, I would've preferred no opening act, but I'm weird that way.

Free Ticket Giveaway By Real World

This was announced on PG's Facebook page last week, but the link wasn''t working so idiot me thought I'd been blocked from entering as I'd been blocked from commenting.  (Yeah, I smell the sarcasm -- like PG's staff has so little to do that they know who I am. I'm fully aware of that, thank you.)

Anyway, there are only three shows as prizes for the sweepstakes -- Boston, Red Rocks (Colorado) and the Santa Barbara Bowl in California.  You are responsible for your own transportation, accommodation, sanitation, etc-ation.  I entered for Boston and fully expect to lose.  You're welcome, Eventual Lucky Bastard Winner!

This Is the Picture

Holy hand grenade, Batman!  With Quebec City down, this means that I've only five more days until attending Peter Gabriel's soundcheck and gig at Philadelphia. Well -- hopefully attending, anyway.  This electronic ticket thing is nerve-wracking.  I've also started a new medication this month which makes me sleep about 13 ours a day (yes day -- I'm up most of the night now. Hmmm.)

Usually, anyone purchasing a Peter Gabriel soundcheck/concert/T shirt package gets all of the info about when to show up and what identification to bring and what not at least a full week before the gig. Not this time. Well, at least the paranoia on concert day should keep me wide awake.  That and the migraines.  Oh, it'll be a swell time.  Nothing like a throbbing migraine at a rock concert to get intimate with one's own mortality.  I think that was a line cut out from Shakespeare's first draft of The Tempest.

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