Monday, December 18, 2006

I Have Two College Degrees...

...and today I lost a chance at a $6.00 an hour job because I pushed a wrong button during the phone menu atuomated post-pre interview. (I wish I was joking). I had to beg on the phone to real person to find out what the problem was so I could try again. I will have to try again Friday IF the pre-interviewer's supervisor approves. I have two college degrees and an automated phone system is telling me I'm not qualified for a job wearing a name badge.

Now, how am I supposed to find meaning in all this? My degrees are in Liberal Arts and English. Theoretically, I should be ruling a small Third World country. Or, at least, have enough money to BUY a small Third World country, with chips. But now, I'm not qualified to wear a name badge? I can't even afford the name badge.

After getting shot down there, I received another rejection slip from another mag. This time, it wasn't for a poem or short story. They were rejecting my autobiography. Apparantly, my life is "well written, but not currently within our editorial standards." You know some Diety somewhere is laughing.

So Mom took me out for ice cream. I'm not sure how this helps with my jobsearch or spiritual life, but it does.


grackyfrogg said...

i admire you for continuing to send your stuff out for consideration. that takes guts. i hope you will keep doing it in spite of rejections.

i also hope the jobsearch takes a turn for the better soon. i can kind of relate. i'm an english major, too.

do you think ice cream, in certain contexts, might be proof that God exists? :) i do think my mom is.

Majic said...

What really happened was that you obviously pushed too many of the CORRECT buttons during the interview. This rings the alarm bells and warns the interviewer that you have a brain, and may be dangerous.

Don't let the b*****ds grind you down.
Oh, and Merry Christmas.x

rraven said...

Cheers, mates :-)

(Still thinking about the ice cream question...)