Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Keepers of Our Souls

I wish I thought this bit up, but I haven't. Is there an original thought in my head? Well, that's another blog entry, I guess.

Anyway, in reading The Social Life of Dogs by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas,, her husband refers to their pooch Sundog as "the keeper of my soul".

The soulmate concept has been around since dirt. However, it usually involves half your soul being somehow inside your current beloved (who then often winds up being Satan, Jr). There's also a superstition that twins share one soul.

Why should only one person monopolize half of my soul? Perhaps there is only one soul. Then we all--planets, people or pets--need each other to find the other bits of ourselves. Might be the incentive the Satan, Jrs need to start acting at least as good as Sundog.

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