Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Might Have to Cancel Trip to See Peter Gabriel Concert

Yes, you read that right.  Even after shelling out $500 or so for VIP tickets to see a Peter Gabriel concert in Germany, I may have to swallow the loss and skip the trip.  (The tickets are non-refundable.)

My Mom received a bad diagnosis.  Really bad.  How bad?  I'm not sure what the actual medical terms are, but after the doctor said, "Her spine is disintegrating," I couldn't think of much to say.

There's not much that can be done, except long and excruciating spinal surgeries.  Paralysis is highly possible in her near future.  She already is house-bound, cannot use the bathtub, cannot put on her own socks, cannot drive any more and can walk only a few minutes a day -- with a walker or cane.  She cannot walk without assistance.

Mom says I should still go on the trip in October.  Two neighbors said they'd check in on her while I'm gone but I'm not sure if I should go.  Facing a beloved family member's medical crisis (and her eventual mortality) puts things sharply into perspective.


Anonymous said...

I very sorry to hear of your Mother's health problems, of course she should take priority over a rock concert.

If she passed away while you were at the concert you'd never forgive yourself.

Find a poor PG fan and either sell the ticket or give away.

Hope she finds some comfort, at least she has you to depend on.

Good luck, and be strong


RenaSherwood said...

VIP tickets cannot be sold of given away. Mom isn't in danger of dying -- just has major mobility issues.

Anonymous said...

But, if she's in pain she might be afraid of being alone, with you so far away that might add some stress - but of course your mother your choice

Good Luck on everything, hope it works out for you.