Sunday, October 21, 2012

What's Goin' On?

Instead of my usual rambling, sarcastic blog post, I'm sticking up a picture of Peter Gabriel I found on Facebook. No reason; just feel like it.

For those Peter Gabriel fans who want a legal recording of any of the gigs from the recently ended Back to Front tour, they are available for pre-order at The Music.  And yes, I ordered one from the Philly gig.  It's set to go out on Halloween, so I should get it in time for my birthday.

Perhaps you've read about the Swedish study that links creativity with mental illness, especially bipolar disorder (which neither I nor PG have been diagnosed with.)  What hasn't been trumpeted in the popular press is another finding by that same study of 1.2 million anonymous Swedes -- that, out of all the creative arts (including scientists), those that are most likely to commit suicide are writers.

Yikes.  I wonder if that's how the term "deadline" got coined.

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