Sunday, April 22, 2012

Petergabriel -- the Racehorse

Something odd popped up on Google News under the search term "peter gabriel" -- he was running in a race in New Zealand.  I wondered at the sudden career change, considering that Peter Gabriel is not exactly a gold-medal winning athlete.

It turns out Petergabriel was a thoroughbred racehorse and not the singer-songwriter.  In the United States, if you want to name your racehorse after a living person, you have to get written permission from that person.  I'm not sure what the Jockey Club rules are in New Zealand.

This Petergabriel  was foaled on 10 October 2005.  He's a son of Senor Pete.  He's listed as brown, which usually means dark bay (translation: mostly black with brown highlights.)  He's won just over $33,000 (NZ). 

And he's a gelding.

Anyway, I hope this is one racehorse that doesn't wind up in a can or as an entree.

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