Friday, May 11, 2012

Peter Performing in Germany

Peter Gabriel and the New Blood Orchestra is currently doing a short tour of German tour, wrapping up in Poland's Life Festival.  Peter is currently scheduled to perform with the orchestra a final time in the Hop Farm Music Festival on 29 June in the UK -- but you never know where the orchestra is going to pop up again. 

Peter is supposedly going to making an autumn tour announcement in the June Full Moon Club Video.  Since this tour is apparently to promote the 25th (and a half) anniversary of the release of So, the tour may be a variation on the 1986 and 1987 This Way Up tour.  That's the rumor, anyway.  We'll find out in June whether there will be a tour and where it will be.  Rumor is that it will be in North America.

While the rumor mill goes on, New Blood Live has been released.  I'm enjoying it more than New Blood.  I'll write a reveiw of it eventually.  My mother is scheduled for knee-replacement surgery later this month and I'm busier than any bee.  Man -- no wonder worker bees only live a few weeks.  They must die of exhaustion.

Secret World Live  is set for a fancy-schmancy blu-ray release on 2 July.  It had been previously released on regular DVD and  before that VHS.  Remember VHS?  Wasn't it cool?  And the freakin' VHS players lasted longer than the DVD players.  Considering that POV  is set to be released in a new version on DVD at around the same time, it looks like there's going to be a lot of PG merchandise in the shops before the holidays.

Hmmm.  Suddenly I have a craving for alphabet soup.

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