Friday, February 24, 2012

Peter Gabriel Asking for "Moon Effect" Studies

The February vlog from Peter Gabriel to his fans contained an exciting but brief bit of news, that he is back in the studio working on "fast, groove-based songs" but no samples were given. He spent far more time talking about the moon and its supposed effects on people and water.

Peter chose the moon as the symbol for his tours since 2002, but has yet to really learn any hard science about the moon. Or so he claims. I have a really hard time believing that he could be that much of an idiot than to believe in the so-called moon effect (such as there are more dog bites or murders during the full moon). Peter asked if any scientists could send him any information, but really, he should've just searched online. Or he could've hired one of his staff to do it.

But no, I guess it's down to the fans to do the work. Well, just in case Peter happens to see this, just click here.

The moon is beautiful, inspirational and a source of wonder and great mythology. The moon's affect on tides is an incredible thing. There is no need to dress up the moon in abilities that it has not been proven to have (unless it is presented as ficton.)

The moon is a great symbol. That won't change. But as for actual proof of the moon influence on people, dogs or even plants -- well, it just ain't there, kiddo.

Speaking of lunacies, I started a new blog, ReasonsNotToCommitSuicide. Can you tell that my life is circling the drain?

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Anonymous said...

I am LOVING this! I, too, feel "the pull of the moon"...i have two sisters who seem to be drawn to the full moon also. We are all presently, independently, reading a novel by Elizabeth Berg called, The Pull of the Moon. Whether science can back up with facts some of us feel a strong affinity with the moon matters little to me. At 54, I can only say, that each and every full moon is important to me, draws my attention and delights me! I don't need to know more than that.