Saturday, March 03, 2012

Peter Gabriel Releasing Many Products in 2012

...but, sadly, no new music. This information is from the community forum and has not been announced by Real World. So take with a grain of salt.
PG is reportedly set to release:

* the 25th (or is it 26th?) So Anniversary Special Edition in September
* the CD to last year's New Blood in 3D concert video
* the 1994 concert film Secret World on blu-ray
* the 1987 concert film POV on DVD (different version than the VHS release and remixed sound)

He will be doing a short tour of Germany in May with the New New Blood Orchestra. But he's also planning to do a brief world tour in September with the more traditional rock band. Whether he will play at WOMAD's anniversary show in the UK is still unknown.

I won't be seeing any PG shows or any other concert pretty much for the rest of my life. My Mom is basically crippled now and needs constant attention (even though she insists that she doesn't.) Believe it or not, when I have to choose between Mom and PG, Mom wins. But I'm sure there will be many fans who will post reviews, YouTube videos or photos so PG that are housebound can live vicariously for a few minutes at least.

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