Saturday, February 11, 2012

Horrible Web Page Using Peter Gabriel's Music to Promote Religion

I was on Bing images tonight trying to find new Peter Gabriel images (you know, as you do) and came across this.

At first, it looks like a Peter Gabriel fan page, doesn't it? It has nice big images of PG and mentions lyrics to Against All Odds (the movie, I guess, not the Phil Collins single.) But then it starts talking about PG being bipolar (he isn't) and then mentions PG's song Perspective.

And that's when you realize that PG is being used to promote a Christian group in India called Perspectives.

Now that's just sick -- and really deceptive instead of perceptive. It also uses copyrighted material from professional photographers. One reason I have not monetized this blog is because if I don't make any money from it, I have freedom to use some of PG images used for promotion. And let's get real here -- churches are businesses.

Does Real World know about this crap? I doubt this was endorsed by PG, who keeps his spiritual opinions pretty private in the last decade.

Below is a YouTube video from a German TV broadcast in 1978.

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