Saturday, January 21, 2012

Peter Gabriel to Have a Busy 2012

Peter Gabriel is already having a busy 2012. Around Christmas, he became a grandfather when his second daughter and sometime background vocalist Melanie gave birth to a boy named Ira. "I'm now officially old," Gabriel declaired during his January vlog to fans on his offical website. He apparently also somehow aquired a dog for his hotel in Sardinia. Due to the draconian UK quarantine laws, I guess the dog is staying in Sardinia.

Peter also participated in the SOPA protests; did a plea for the charity Bonobo Hope; is scheduled to film a "Classic Albums" documentary on So until 23 January (no knowing when the air date will be.) Later this year he has his father's 100th birthday party to attend in April and may be at the Pre-Grammy award festivities to honor his friend Sir Richard Branson.

And, oh yeah -- Peter is touring Germany in May. PG once again changed his mind so that the Germany dates will be with the New Blood Orchestra -- despite his inisiting last year that his work with orchestras was "put to bed". There may be more dates in the fall, but nothing has been figured out yet. PG gave "the fall" as his only clue as to where the tour would be. Perhaps Italy? (As in, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire?) Perhaps America, since Americans tend to say "fall" rather than "autumn"? If you haven't figured it out by now, PG likes to play with words and heads.

PG has mentioned that he is working on "new stuff" -- but don't get excited. He's been saying that since 1980. This year so far it appears that PG will have very little time in the studio. There is some noise that PG may score a Bollywood film for director Nila Madhab Panda.

As for me, things continue to be bad, but at least I managed to get my driver's license back. Mom had a terrible fall on New Year's Day and is losing control of her legs. She can no longer drive and needs help getting into and out of a car. Scince I took over car duties, Mom's intake of Xanax has dropped considerably. Now I know why her nerves were always shot. I thought it was me. Turns out it was having to face traffic on Baltimore Pike.

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