Sunday, December 26, 2010

Peter Gabriel New Version Wallflower to End 2010

Boxing Day is the anniversary where I finally left Mitch, my abuser. He'd hit my four month old puppy for peeing on the floor. The penny finally dropped and I gathered up the pup and was out of there for good. That puppy is now a slightly overweight Americanized six year old with a brand new collar and I swore that yesterday she figured out how to say "mommy" in order to get me to take her for a walk.

But reading about me is not why you're here. You want to read about Peter Gabriel. OK, let's go. During Christmas week, Peter Gabriel unofficially released this video, recorded "sometime in late November" of his 1982 song, "Wallflower" about political prisoners. That's Tom Cawley accompanying him on piano. He'd sent is as a gift to former Irish President Mary Robinson, who was leaving one charity to work on another. The video was tacked onto the end of a nearly 13 minute monthly vlog on PG's official website. In a couple of hours, PG fan MOZOtheMecurial had been able to isolate the track and posted it on YouTube. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I read an article you wrote on monocular vision that I really enjoyed (we're a small but critical audience). I'd like to figure out how many people are monocular, especially now that 3D is such a huge element of entertainment. Any ideas how I'd go about looking for that? Thxs. Forrestn at hotmail

rraven said...

Thanks for your kind words about my monocular vision article. I'm afraid I know idea about how many people are born with or aquire monocular vision in their lifetimes. The best people to ask would be the American Optomeric Association or the American Academy of Opthamology

Hope this helps

Rena Sherwood.