Thursday, February 08, 2007

Humanity in One Picture

Damn. I've never seen more beautiful skeletons. Their skulls come together as a Valentine Heart. You have to wonder what their story was. But it's probably the same as everyone else's. You reach out for what you love, and it dies with you. Also, you get famous when you're dead for 5,000 years. Sometimes I think God made people just to screw with our heads.

We don't know their skin color, religion, political allegince or faveorite football teams. They're just the distilled essance of humanity -- elegant lines of calicium emerging from the earth. Sometimes I wish we couldn't see what seperates us, but see that we're all the same. Would we really discriminate and shoot at skeletons that look just like any other skeleton? Knowing the human race, probably!

In other news, I sold a poem about my late Uncle George who fought in World War Two, came home and shot himself. It will appear in a future issue of The Custer-Hawk Gazette. That's two poems now. I wonder what they'll look like in 5,000 years.


MRS said...

TWO????? You be on a roll!! Congrats!

rraven said...

I hope so. Thanks for the congrats. I wonder where I'll be rolling to.

hickothestix said...

have you considered giving up on poerty and fiction and trying to do a humor colum for someone instead? yer blog held my intrest for the whole of its archive. hope your mother is better

rraven said...

Thanks, hick. I hadn't seriously considered a humor column, although I have answered a couple of want ads for a columnist and hadn't heard anythiong from them.

Thanks for taking the time to comment and read. It's appreciated.
And mom has her good days and her bad days.