Thursday, June 16, 2016

Peter Gabriel "I'm Amazing" -- Yes, You Are, Peter

I know I haven't written much about Peter Gabriel in the last three years. In my defense, there hasn't been much to write about. He does an appearance here, an interview there and has not officially released a new single in years. (Unless you count the bizarre "Oh But" he did on his last live tour 2 years ago.)

But now we have a new single suddenly being released today on YouTube and tomorrow on all those neat-o places where you can download music. I'm too old to know anything about how those places work, so I'll assume you already know what to do.

I have known that PG and Sting were going to tour together this summer and did not feel like blogging about it. I just can't afford to go. And it looked like a "greatest hits" kind of show and I've already seen those. I have seen Sting live once before and he is a very unpredictable performer -- but not in a good way. He has good and bad days. Unlike PG, which has always been "on" whenever I've seen him.

I was feeling pretty bummed that I could not go see PG play, but this single makes up for that. I love it! Despite the happy title and PG's explanation that it was inspired by Muhammad Ali this is a very PG song in that it's sinister and sensual. I may just blow the rest of the day listening to this over and over again. Enjoy!

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