Monday, January 04, 2016

What I Wrote for January 4. 2016

I didn't have much time to write or work on the blogs today because I had my first date in over 11 years.

At least, I think it was a date. It was a kinda, sorta date. He invited me for a caffeinated beverage and talk writing and books. We went to a diner and he insisted on paying for my dinner. I had fettuccine alfredo (although not the one pictured.) We drove there in separate cars. Is that a date? I don't know anymore. I'm so out of touch.

So here's all I managed to write:

  • this blog post
  • a 400 word article for Swarmcontent entitled "Should You Write for Academic Content Websites?" (Short answer -- no.)
  • a 431 word article sent to (rewritten from an unpublished 2007 article) on Basic Yoga Equipment for Beginners.
Now my head hurts. That's my cue to stop writing.

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