Friday, January 01, 2016

My Resolution for 2016: Write Every Day

I'm a writer. I keep telling myself that. However, the chances for me to actually make money from my poor tap-tapping rapidly dry up every passing year. 2015 was my absolute worst year for earnings since I became a freelance writer in 2006.

I take care f my crippled mother. I also have to take care of the little row house we live in, be a slave to two demanding dogs and three goldfish. I'm also currently fighting a small army of mice that invaded our home in 2015.  Still, I tried to take at least one hour every day to look for work or write for pay. So, as you see, I've had legitimate excuses for not writing as much as when I started out in 2006, when I would work 12 - 14 hour days because there were a hell of a lot more people willing to pay for writing than there are now ten years later.

That being said, I probably will screw up on this resolution in the first month. Month? Well, that's too optimistic for me -- how about the first week?

Anyway, I will list here on The Perfect Blog Title what I've written at the end of each of my working days. For example, today I wrote:

Image is not of my dog but somewhere on the web I nicked this Jack Russell puppy peeing on a laptop. If you own this image and want me to remove it, feel free to let me know and please accept my apologies in advance. Thanks!

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