Monday, September 29, 2014

Not the New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Available for Pre-Sale on

I should've blogged about this sooner but I've been exhausted since getting this puppy accepted by Amazon Direct Publishing.  It will become available on 15 October 2014.  It already made 4 sales.  Yikes!  I hope Not the New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes lives up to everyone's expectations.

So far, this is coming out only for Kindle.  If there is enough interest, I may invest in getting it available in a physical format in Create Space.  Right now I do not have the money for it.  If you do not have Kindle, you should be able to get a free Kindle app for your laptop or whatever from

I've been asked if Peter Gabriel appears in the eBook.  Yes, he does.  He makes a very brief cameo in Part IV.  Since PG has a huge sense of humor, I highly doubt anyone will take any offense at his appearance.  If PG didn't mind being mentioned a few times on Father Ted, I doubt he's going to care about popping up in a Sherlock Holmes eBook.

The lovely cover drawing was donated (!) by the even lovelier Stephane Mailliard Perreti.

Roll on October.

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