Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I'm Writing a Book

I know, I know -- me and a million other people.  If I had a dollar for every completed "novel" I ever wrote, I'd be on my way to being rich.  Novels and me just don't get along, despite me being a writer.  The Holy Grail of a writer is to get a book published but it always slips out of my grasp.

Most of my manuscripts wind up in the trash because they:

  • Were written when I was 12 and could only write Dr. Who fan fiction
  • Got set on fire by my ex
  • Really, really sucked.
Hopefully, this one won't suck.  I hope to complete it someday (HA!) and get it published as an e-book.  I'm not entirely sure how that works, but I can research that later.  Right now I have to write the damn thing.  So far I have a prologue and two chapters. 

It's tentative title is Not the New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.  The protagonist (who looks somewhat like Jeremy Brett, of course) is not really Sherlock Holmes, although he was saddled with the unfortunate name of Winston Churchill Sherlock Holmes.  Not surprisingly, he and his friend (who insists on being called Watson) winds up in America as a homeless man walking the narrow line between the law and the downright illegal.

For years, my Mom has wanted me to write my autobiography, since I was homeless in England for five years and survived domestic abuse.  I really can't write my autobiography because my past is just too damn painful to look at.  I have, however, woven some autobiographical facts and anecdotes in the manuscript.

So I won't be blogging very much in the near future as I work on this mutha.  I have no idea if I'll ever make any money from it, but so far it's helping lift me from my usual holiday depression jag.

And somewhere I'll work in Peter Gabriel.  I haven't figured out how yet.  Oh, by the way, PG will be entered into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April 10.  So far, PG has announced that he will attend.  I think he forgot that he was touring in Europe then.  This should be interesting.

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