Sunday, July 14, 2013

"Peter Gabriel: Live in Athens" Being Released on DVD

Anyone else besides me remember that great video POV?  It was the first official Peter Gabriel concert released in a visual medium.  It consisted of a concert filmed in Athens in 1987 with some funky 1988 video made at Real World and some of Peter's home movies thrown in. 

But then videos and VCRs died.  However, this concert was not made into a DVD until it was included in PG's So 25th anniversary mondo box-set.  It only featured concert footage with all of the extra bits tossed out.  At the time, PG stated that there were no plans to release POV separately. 

So, of course, about a year later, POV is released separately.  Hey, that's how PG rolls, folks.  He hasn't a clue.  He just sings about them.  And even though this is being billed as "the complete concert", it isn't.  Red Rain was recorded but ditched for some reason.  It's being released on September 17.  It apparently will not contain any "cookies" but will contain Play, which was originally released back in 2003.  Super Deluxe Edition website is pretty pissed off about it. (Yeah, they seem to get pissed off pretty easily there, but it's still an amusing read.)

I'm not getting the box set or the separate DVD release.  I want the original POV back.  What was wrong with that?  I guess leaving it alone made too much sense.

As to my getting ready for the PG concert in Leipzig in October, plans are coming together veeerrrryyy ssssllllooooowwwwwwllllyyy.  It's not quite as slow as PG speed but it's getting pretty close.  My Mom lost 10 pounds and has some of her coordination back.  She is also having less pain.  But she needs to have cataract surgery later this month.  The good news is that her brain scan showed that she has a good brain and so does not have Lou Gehrig's disease or anything like that.

Still, I'll probably spend all of the trip to Leipzig, the soundcheck and the concert worrying about Mom.  And the dogs.  And the fish.  And whether or not the house will explode while I'm gone.  Oh, what a fun trip this is turning out to be.

If you're sick of reading my posts about PG and/or Mom, feel free to check out my Vincent Van Gogh blog.

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